Robert Mwangi

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About the Author

I, Robert Mwangi, was born in Nyeri under the hills of Mt. Kenya, but I grew up in Nairobi. I started writing at the age of 12 and up until now I have a folder with short stories that I wrote when I was a child. The English is not so good but the ideas are there, born of all the youthful novels that I used to read like Hardy Boys and Famous Five. From the comfort of our home in Kenya, these books took me oceans away to places I could only imagine: From the village under the hills of Mt. Kenya to the Statue of Liberty in New York, from the Eiffel Tower in France to the Arabian desert.
I stopped writing after I joined Ofafa Jericho High School. Our school was the number one school in soccer in the whole country and I joined the team. After high school I played for KCB Soccer team in the Kenya Premier League competing against giant teams like Gor Mahia and Tusker FC. In 2002, I received my first call to play for the Kenya National Soccer Team, The Harambee Stars, but it was in the same year that I was awarded a soccer scholarship to study accounting in America.
Life in America was hard as I will explain in the second novel, and I struggled with two jobs and very little sleep. In 2008 I came across Barrack Obama on TV and was inspired by his many great speeches. They triggered something inside me and suddenly, just like that, I was writing again.
I wrote for one year without knowing what I was writing about. It felt good to be that kid again. Writing had always been inside me. After one year, I stopped and I had 600 hundred pages and I had no clue what I had been writing about