We have to recognize that not everybody is a free spirit. Free spirits are the kind of people you meet at the airport and when you ask them where they are going, the answer is usually something like this, “You know what? I haven’t decided yet.”
Not everybody can free write. Some folks have to draw an outline of their story before writing it down. It’s kind of like a control system to keep from subject deviation. You have to find out what works best for you.
I also met a girl who wrote half a book from first person perspective then decided to switch to third person and rewrite the whole book. You have to decide what works best for you. I love first person writing because I become a part of the story. If am writing about a killer, then I fall into character and become the killer. I’m bad, evil, am immoral. “I pick up the knife and stick it into the man’s belly. I hear him scream and watch the life slip out of his eyes.”

* * *
So it’s been a year now and you have finished writing your book, or your first draft. No big deal, you got the job done. What do you mean no big deal? It’s a huge deal! You have actually done it! A lot of people talk about writing books but you have actually finished yours and even managed to chip in a nice conclusion and a few big words to attest to the level of your education.
         Set the book aside for at least a month and go celebrate. Go dancing, watch movies, visit friends, take a vacation or even through a first draft party. Do whatever it is that you need to do to get your mind away from the book. For one month, steer away from the book and avoid the temptation to take a peek. Continued…